Take your FileMaker information on the go

We live in a world where continuous high-speed web connection from mobile devices is common place. FileMaker, Inc. has invested in tools to help you access your FileMaker data anywhere you go on iPad and iPhone.

Custom apps for iPad and iPhone

The FileMaker Platform gives you the tools needed to create custom apps for iPad and iPhone that meet the unique needs of your business. Use FileMaker Pro to create apps. Then use FileMaker Go to run these apps on iPad and iPhone.

FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone allow users to view, edit, and search for FileMaker Pro records on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Data manipulation on FileMaker Go is similar to that of FileMaker Pro. It supports many FileMaker Pro features including tab controls, Quick Find, Web Viewers, containers, portals and even most scripts. Plus it leverages many of the multi-touch gestures (tap, pinch, swipe, zoom, etc.) offered in the iOS platform.

Custom apps can be hosted via FileMaker Server for real-time access with FileMaker Go. For offline access, files can be copied locally onto iPad and iPhone using iTunes File Sharing, email, or AirDrop.

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